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About Me

As a student currently attending sixth form in the UK, Wikipedia is of perpetual presence within my peer group at school. Often under- or misused to retrieve information, I have been persevering to educate not only my peers, but also my teachers, on how to correctly use Wikipedia. This has only come from being an editor myself for the past 4 and-a-bit years, having been able to accrue knowledge of how to correctly use Wikipedia in order to transfer that knowledge to other people. This is talked about in more detail in my (submission for Wikimania 2015.

I love to travel and have a lot of plans for this coming year. To able to not only tick off Mexico as a country I have visited and experienced its culture and simultaneously attend an event for something I have a fervent interest in will not be something I could do everyday!

Moreover, as a student, I am also particularly social media savvy, documenting my thoughts and opinions, as well as memories on various platforms. Do not hesitate to connect with me!

I very much hope to attend Wikimania 2015!


I seem to have a vast knowledge in a somewhat-niche area: pop music charts. Pop music is a love of mine in general, however the charts that the music enters is where I seem to remember facts and statistics off the top of my head. Wikipedia editing and my love for pop music have complimented each other nicely; my knowledge has let me edit pages for corrections and updates, and the discovery of information and consequent update of a Wikipedia page regarding it has allowed me to solidify my knowledge for pop music!

The English Wikipedia: