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Santosh Shingare
Santosh Shingare
Research Associate, IIT Bombay
"'My definition [of agile] is that you accept input from reality, and you respond to it - Kent Beck'"

About me

Santosh Shingare is Bangalore-based Wikimedian who organised the hack-a-thon WCI2016. Santosh had previously served as an organiser of the 2011 WikiConference, and has run hackathons annually since then. Santosh's primary motivation for holding such events is learning; He enjoys collaborating with other Wikimedians and sharing technical skills. Santosh highlights that the projects grew out of advance communication. To identify problems and generate ideas, the hackathon organising team posted a survey ahead of the event. Requests from various language communities, including Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and Malayalam, drove several of the projects. Santosh is not a prolific Wikipedia writer or editor, but rather sees value in his ability to communicate among Wikimedians who seek features from various language communities, including his native Marathi and other Indic languages in which he has varying degrees of fluency.

My work

Working as a Research Associate in IIT Bombay since June 2010 in the field of Mobile Computing and core java, php and some mobile application Here being the research domain I got a chance to work on every step of waterfall model which you use for product development.

Contact me

  • E-mail: santosh.shingare at gmail.com