The other copyright fights

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Besonderer Vortrag von Paz Peña.

Freitag, 17. Juli, 14:30 Uhr

Der Vortrag wird auf spanisch sein, eine Simultanübersetzung in Englisch ist verfügbar

How will we defend, preserve and grow our digital commons? How new technologies and conducts are putting at jeopardy our fundamental rights? And how are those actually enhancing its exercise and our possibility to organize as never before? Which are the most urgent battles to win in order to preserve a just society, allowing everyone to participate and have a voice that matters, a global society of people free to act differently, dissent, protest, create, participate? How do we move from objects and “data points” to subjects of rights? My talk will explore the urgent battles ahead for a just, diverse society, with spaces for dissent and creation, using examples from a selection of countries in the global south.

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