Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
IN India Rsrikanth05 En, Hi, Mr, Ta 01-01-1900 02-01-1900 Even if I got every museum to contribute to the Commons, I won't be awarded a scholarship
US United States geraldshields11 en-N I am certain I want volunteer as the court photographer for this wonderful event but its dependent on a scholarship. But I just got notice that there is no scholarship for me.
US United States SecretName101 en, es-2, fr-1, de-1, ru-1, he-1, it-1 cannot make it, unfortunately
CL Chile ElGatoSaez es, en-4 No podré ir lamentablemente
IN India Praveenp ml, en, hi, ta - - I contribute to ml.wp, commons, translatewiki etc since 2006. But unlike those regular wikimanians, not enough to get a scholorship. So no wikimania (in fact I did participate this Wikimania by filing this bug ;-)).
- WhatamIdoing - - - -
US United States Haunted331 en - - I am too busy with school and my volunteer job.
CA Canada SPage (WMF) en-n, es-1, fr-1 ✗,was going, health issues intervened :-( ☹
US United States Djembayz en-N, de-3, es-3, ru-1, fr-1, Salish 1, Cheyenne 1, Cherokee 1 Had hoped to connect with the indigenous language Wikipedians, and attend the anti-harassment and Spanish language sessions. But did not receive scholarship.
CA Canada Skyllfully ENG-N, FR-2, ES-1, DE-0 Was never going to go...