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Talk:Submissions/From Foundation to Federation: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

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Minor suggestion

This is great to see! I'm really looking forward to seeing what develops out of this initiative...

I have two small changes to suggest, not sure you'll agree with me, but I think they are aligned with the spirit of your overview. When you say "a highly successful fundraising effort", I would also add, "successful fundraising and grantmaking effort", to highlight that the distribution issues are already being solved. Similarly, "we should enable people and organizations to connect with us" might be better as "to connect with each other and with us", which is what I think you're getting at--displacing the WMF in particular from the position of galactic hub, and creating a fabric of interconnected centers.

Finally, there's a small unspoken thing I feel is lacking. You might want to explore the difference between drawing outsiders deeper into the Wikimedia movement, versus strengthening the bonds allowing "outsider" organizations to interact with the Wikimedia movement as independent entities. This might occur to some of your readers and listeners, and IMO should be addressed explicitly.


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