Submissions/Wikipedia Values and Peeragogical Methods in Knowledge Production

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PDF Version of our Submission,
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Original PDF Version of the Paper

Please read our submission! Charlie (@danoff) and Paola (@paolaricaurte) will be presenting!

The outline for our talk/workshop Sunday at 12:30 is below.

Talk Outline

03 min 12:30 - 12:33

  • Wait for people to arrive, introduce ourselves, instruct everyone to visit this page and look through the print and digital materials linked below.

05 min 12:33 - 12:38

05 min 12:38 - 12:43

  • Q&A about peeragogy in-person and online.

03 min 12:43 - 12:46

Introducing the hands-on activity

  • We are going to break into small groups to evaluate a Wikimedia project and/or the foundation itself via the lens of 1 of the peeragogy patterns. Try to find links to share as examples, or you can share anecdotal experience.
  • Keeping in mind and evaluating within the 5 pillars of Wikipedia.

09 min 12:46 - 12:55

  • Work in small groups on assigned patterns.

05 min 12:55 - 13:00

  • Present findings to everyone else, 45 seconds per presentation.
  • Try to organize key findings into 1 document...