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This is a translated version of a submission for Wikimania 2015 that is currently under review by the Programme Committee. This translation is done for review purposes only and does not infer or imply any kind of position by the Programme Committee or any of its members.

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The Wikimedia movement in Latin America. The State of the Wiki.
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Salvador Alcántar
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Wikimedia México, Iberocoop, AffCom.
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It's common for Latin American numbers, achievements and progresses within the Wikimedia Movement to be aggregated with the global statistics, along with numbers from Europe and the United States, so they may pale in comparison sometimes. It would be worth to analyze these achievements within the context of the region itself, to give emphasis to local activities and would make more sense to any analysis done on it. It will be a general review of what LatAm produces in and for it regarding free knowledge. The presentation is proposed in Spanish to reach a wider audience among interested parties and the public at large.

  • Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries
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30 minutes
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