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This is a translated version of a submission for Wikimania 2015 that is currently under review by the Programme Committee. This translation is done for review purposes only and does not infer or imply any kind of position by the Programme Committee or any of its members.

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From a meeting of friends to the annual reunion of the Wikimedia Movement
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Iván Martínez, Omar Sandoval, Carmen Alcázar, Christian Cariño, Andrés Cruz y Corro
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ProtoplasmaKid, Omar_sansi, Wotancito, Christian_Cariño, Andycyca
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Wikimedia México A.C., Wikimanía 2015 staff.
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Wikimania is the annual reunion of the Wikimedia Movement. It gathers hundreds of people from all around the world to a wonderful event that results in many valuable moments, thoughts, ideas and hypotheses. But, how should we evolve from an informal reunion to the most important event of the 5th most important website globally? How will we solve old practices and learn from previous experiences?

Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries

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30 minutes
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