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Mercado de Artesanías de la Ciudadela

If you want to take with you some Mexican souvenirs at the best price, you have to go to the Mercado de Artesanías la Ciudadela, where you can find arts and crafts from around the country; you can find souvenirs made with fabric, glass, wood, metal, mud and more. It dates back to the 1968 Summer Olympics, held in Mexico: the government called artisans from Sonora to Yucatan to bring samples of their local crafts. Then in 1970, it served as the souvenir headquarters for the World Cup in 1970; because of its success, it was turned into a permanent arts and crafts market. The best part is that some vendors speak English!

It is open Monday-Saturday 9-19hrs and Sunday 9-18hrs. From the Hilton you have to walk to the Hidalgo subway station and go to the Balderas station, in the green line that goes Indios Verdes to Universidad. Walk by Balderas Avenue to the north, you will see the Jose Vasconcelos library and about 2 blocks later, you will see the market. Plaza de La Ciudadela 1-5, Downtown.

You can find from lucha libre masks to Frida Kahlo memorabilia.