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This page is a translated version of the page Emergencies and the translation is 52% complete.

Nwêmer it-talifounêt mtêgħ il-ürjeñs fi-Meksiko

Hedhouma in-nwêmer lêzem yettħalbou min talifôn lökal walla pörtâbel beddħabt kima maktoubîn houni. In-Nwêmer illi yebdêw b-01-800 houma nwêmer tnejjem tkallamhom blêch.

Il-sħalîb il-laħmar
Noumrou bech in-nês illi yetgħardħou l-jarâyem ynejmou ibalgħou
Noumrou bech tballagh il-bölisiyya min-għayr ma yagħrfouk
Noumrou bech tballegh bil-SMS
Ürjeñsêt kbâr
Il-ħimêya il-madanîyya
Noumrou bech igħawnou it-tourist idha dħagħou walla sħartelhom ay mochkla

During an earthquake or fire

Mexico City is located in a high seismic activity area. In case of an earthquake or a fire, please keep calm and follow the instructions of the volunteers and the Hilton security staff. The hotel was built with the highest seismic rating and is one of the safest buildings in the city.

The country has a state-of-the-art Earthquake warning system (Sistema de Alerta Sísmica Mexicano) that can trigger a warning up to 50 seconds before a strong earthquake hits the city. If you hear this alarm sound, the conference will be paused. Please leave the venue immediately following the instructions of the volunteers and the Hilton security staff.

Medical services

If you feel ill, please go to the Help Desk in the 2nd floor foyer close to the Registration area. The Hilton staff can perform CPR and there is emergency personnel available on site.

Medical consultation

If you need a medical consultation at the hotel, a medic will arrive after a telephonic interview and then 30 minutes with a cost of approximately $106 USD. Please ask for this service directly in the hotel reception area.

A cheaper option is Farmacias del Dr. Simi with medical consultation for 2 USD. The closest consultory is located in Avenida Juárez No. 18, a 5 minutes walk from Hilton. Their office hours are from 9 to 20 hrs.

Clinics and hospitals close to venue

  • Clinic closest to venue: International Medical Assistance. Versalles 35-601. +52 55 66 67 87, +52 55 55 66 77 75.
  • Clinic close to venue: Clínica Londres (from Hospital Ángeles). Guadalupe Victoria 50, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, 06700, +52 55 5229 8400
  • First level hospital: Centro Médico Nacional La Raza IMSS, Calzada Vallejo s/n, Azcapotzalco, La Raza, 02990 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.
  • Second level hospital: Hospital General de México, Dr. Balmis No.148, Col. Doctores, Del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06726, +52 (55) 2789-2000