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Civil Liberties and how to defend those in the 21st Century: A global overview

Renata Ávila

Featured talk by Renata Ávila.

Friday July 17, 11:30 am.

Talk in Spanish, simultaneous interpretation to English available How will we defend, preserve and grow our digital commons? How new technologies and conducts are putting at jeopardy our fundamental rights? And how are those actually enhancing its exercise and our possibility to organize as never before? Which are the most urgent battles to win in order to preserve a just society, allowing everyone to participate and have a voice that matters, a global society of people free to act differently, dissent, protest, create, participate? How do we move from objects and “data points” to subjects of rights? My talk will explore the urgent battles ahead for a just, diverse society, with spaces for dissent and creation, using examples from a selection of countries in the global south.

About Renata

I am a Human Rights Lawyer and public notary from Guatemala. I hold a Law Degree from University Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala and a Master of Law in Intellectual Property from University of Turin in Italy.

I currently work from Berlin, for the World Wide Web Foundation directing the Web We Want initiative, which aims to create a positive, human rights agenda for Internet users, promoting legal and policy reform in priority countries in the global south. From here I support regional and global struggles for human rights, social justice and freedom of expression.

I currently serve as member of Creative Commons Board of Directors and the Advisory board of Courage Foundation. I am a regular legal advisor on diverse human rights issues, under the guidance of former Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón Real.

I still write for Global Voices Online and Global Voices Advox. I wish I had more time to write, as I did on my blog years ago.

If you want to reach me, write me to renataavila@riseup.net

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