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CEE Meetup

CEE meetup at Wikimania 2015

It is already a tradition to organize а Meetup of the Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe during Wikimania. CEE Meetup is an opportunity to bring together contributors from the region, meet and discuss ideas and ongoing and future projects and collaborations.

Date, Time, Location


List of attendees

Attendees: 42

  • Armenia: Susanna, Armine
  • Bulgaria: Vassia
  • Serbia: Filip, Željko
  • Russia: Stanislav, Ali, Drbug, Dmitry
  • Macedonia: Kiril, Cvetko, Boyan
  • Romania: Strainu
  • Hungary: Bence
  • Czech Republic: Jagro
  • Ukraine: Antanana, Levon, Yevhen, NickK, Sergento, Ilya, Base, Ата
  • Estonia: Sven-Erik
  • Poland: Malgorzata, Tomasz, Marek, Michal
  • Georgia: Mikheil
  • Azerbaijan: Elgun, Rovshan
  • Austria: Claudia, Alex
  • WMNL: Lodewijk
  • WMDE: Cornelius (Program and Engagement Coordinator for the Wikimedia Conference)
  • WMF: Anna (USA: Serbia diaspora), Željko (Croatia), Asaf (honorary Estonian)

Wikicamp Macedonia

  • Kirill mentioned that the WikiCamp will take place at July 31 - August 2
  • There are problems with communication with Latvians, Lithuanians & Hungarians

CEE Spring

  • Polimerek mentioned that there were at the same time some other competitions.

CEE Meeting

  • Sven-Erik: 1st day arrival in Tartu. In total 3 days stay in the countryside for discussions and editathon
  • Antanana started a page on Meta on needs & interests among CEE participants (put your names on the Talk page who is interested to participate in Program commitee).
  • (meta:Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2015/Questions&Needs) Deadline for putting there your questions and needs: by the end of next week (per Cornelius) and by the 26th of July (per Antanana). Filip requested reminders. Antanana has already requested this on the mailing list and on the Facebook group. Please add what you want to take away from the conference.
  • Program committee (now): Kaarel, Sven and one other member.
  • Cornelius' requested that we bring some of the topics discusssed in Berlin to the CEE meeting in Estonia. Please add questions and needs on the Meta page: meta:Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2015/Questions&Needs. If they don't know our needs, they can't build them into the program. They want to publish the themes of the next Wikimedia Conference in October. Next CEE meeting is in September. CEE has opportunity to contribute to the content of the Wikimedia Conference.
  • Please use the CEE mailing list for communications.
  • Please use all methods of communication: mailing list and Facebook group.
  • Please submit grant proposal as soon as possible (CEE is constantly late and WMF does not like it)
  • Not only speakers should be ready for discussions but also attendees. They should know what the sessions will be about and have questions, ideas etc.
  • There has always been someone external to the region at CEE events. An American woman at the Serbian meeting. A French man at the Kyiv meeting. Claudia from Austria will attend the Estonia meeting. External guests are welcome. Antanana said it might be too late to invite someone from the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • 15th of August is the deadline for submission approvals
  • NickK thinks the WMF would appreciate seeing a strong draft of the programme at the time of the grant submission. That was a criticism of the Ukrainian grant proposal.
  • Cornelius asked Sven-Erik / WMEE to publish the grant proposal for the CEE Meeting among the CEE members before submitting it, as it were more inclusive and members could give input. The group agreeed on that.

Collaboration with institutes

  • Jan: Polish Institute in Prague asked WMCZ what we can offer. Our idea was to run a competition about writing articles about WWII like another CEE Spring. Participants were those who like to write food articles. Focus was on quality. * Denis Barthel from Germany (former WMDE employee) now works for Goethe Institute and is doing workshops for editing Wikivoyage.
  • Strainu: Romania did something similar.
  • Tomasz: Bulgaria and Poland did this 3 years ago. (without contacting the BG Wiki community)
  • Tomasz will contact the Polish Institute for a post-mortem of these projects.

Wikimania 2018 in CEE

  • Levon proposes to discuss a CEE application for 2018, as Poland has already experiences with the event

Wikisource conference in Austria

  • Claudia: Please spread the news about this event. (first preliminary info)

WMCEE Calendar

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