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Wikimedia Philippines

Wikimedia Philippines at Wikimania 2015

Since 2010, Wikimedia Philippines has been proudly sending Filipino Wikimedians to Wikimania. For this year's Wikimania, we're sending our largest delegation yet. Five of us will be in Mexico City this year, forming one of the largest Asian delegations, and we look forward to meeting all of you over the next few days!

¡Hay dos miembros hispanohablantes también en nuestro delegación! (indicado con icono de la bandera de México: Mexico)

Also, some of us will be bringing Filipino snacks to share! One of them is a box or two (or several boxes!) of delicious Filipino champorado which we hope will be better than the original Mexican champurrado. :P

Members of the WMPH Board of Trustees

Three members of the Wikimedia Philippines Board of Trustees—two current and one former—will be attending Wikimania this year.

Josh Lim Roel Balingit Butch Bustria
Josh Lim Mexico
Roel Balingit
Butch Bustria
Trustee (2010-2013)
@akiestar @roelbalingit @bustria

Our volunteers

We're also sending two members of the recently-concluded Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Project (CHMP) to Wikimania this year! This will be their first Wikimania, so please welcome them and say hi!

Melodina Cruz Carlo Joseph Moskito
Melodina Cruz Mexico Carlo Joseph Moskito
@mirumirunomi @isaakongchem

Who What What time Where
Saturday, July 18th
Josh Lim Talk: The Philippines and the Spanish Wikipedia: a roadmap towards building a new, healthy community 15:00-15:30 Don Alberto 2

Unfortunately, Wikimedia Philippines won't have a booth this year at the Community Village, but feel free to ask us questions about what we're up to and what we'll be doing this year and in 2016.

Also, Wikimedia Philippines will have a hand in organizing this year's Wikimedia Asia meetup! Keep an eye out for more details! :)

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