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Rsrikanth05 from India. Rollbacker, vandal fighter on enwp, just another fellow on Wikidata and frequent traveller on Commons.

You will most likely not meet me at Wikimania because I have a penchant for my scholarship applications being rejected since my first application in 2010. I consider it a waste of money to spend the minimum 500+ US Dollars it costs to attend a Wikimania out of my pocket. However, since nobody is interested in funding my attendance, I won't be seen there. So much for the Global South. I have been criticised by other members of the community and WMF employees for being juvenile and childish for making a statement that I won't be attending because I haven't got a scholarship. The irony is that the same people were busy consoling a previous attendee when he said he won't be attending Wikimania for lack of a scholarship.

Note: I am watching this page. Do not try and remove this.