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Submissions/Making it Count: Programs Evaluation 2015

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Making it Count: Programs Evaluation 2015

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Jaime Anstee

Co-Presenters: Edward Galvez, Maria Cruz

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JAnstee (WMF)

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United States

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Wikimedia Foundation

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In November 2012, the Wikimedia Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) proposed that we discuss “impact, outcomes and innovation, including how to measure, evaluate and learn” across the Wikimedia movement. This request raised some important questions, such as: • What will lead to a significant improvement in our overall community health? • How can we better learn from each other and adapt our programs?

To address the latter of these questions and help measure the impact of our programs, the Wikimedia Foundation’s Program Evaluation and Design initiative started in April 2013, with a small team and a community call to discuss program evaluation and has been working to develop evaluation capacity and reporting in order to map and mine programattic efforts led by volunteer and grantee community [program leaders.

This session will offer an overview of the second round of programs evaluation reporting covering 10 popular outreach programs — from on-wiki writing contests, photo events, and edit-a-thons to Wikimedia Education Programs and Conferences — findings related to their impact, and recommendations for increasing program effectiveness in terms of how programs develop, change and contribute to larger movement goals.

The data included in our second round of evaluation reports is expected to enable program leaders to compare, contrast, and connect to one another across different locations, languages and cultures. Specifically, the programs evaluation reports will: • help to guide choices of programs that impact shared movement goals • help find and share stories across different Wikimedia communities • help the WMF Grantmaking team to identify promising practices, and develop program toolkits and learning patterns • inform communities about promising practices and potential new partnerships

In addition to offering a brief overview of the latest programs impact evaluations, the session will include a facilitated application and discussion activity about how to use the existing measures to inform effective program planning and to continue to develop measures that capture our programs outcomes and impact. Session objectives include that Participants will:

  • Learn the scope of the 2015 Programs Evaluation reporting.
  • Learn how to contribute to shared program learning.
  • Practice how to use the reports to choose programs and set reasonable program targets.
  • Develop routes for shared learning and data use in program design.


WikiCulture & Community

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45 minutes

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